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About Us

We are specialized in every aspect of picture creation, from planning to post-production: we have developed and innovated our workflow through years of experience. With us, you will not have to choose between speed and accuracy - the BEAST team can ensure both. Discover the team and explore our profiles.


Luca Orlandi is a long experienced director of photography, both in the advertising and cinema industry. He combines sophisticated technical skills and an artist’s outlook. He has been a forerunner for 4k digital cinematography in Italy, and he is constantly keeping up to date with the most innovative visual aesthetics, thanks to his work both on set and as a teacher in Fine Arts Academies.
Luca Orlandi is a Member of AIC - IMAGO (Italian Association of Cinematographers and Federation of European Cinematographers)


A team of talented technicians and artists, ready to offer on-demand their skills both on set and in post-production. They can make a vision into a tangible product, from storyboard to the final delivery.